What Is The Best Colored Power Ranger Costume To Dress Up In?

Well, this question could raise a lot of debate!  If you ask any number of people, you’d be bound to get a huge number of various answers!  Everyone has a favourite colour.  And kids and adults alike have a favourite coloured Power Ranger. 

Some people like to choose their favourite because they wear that person’s favourite colour. 

Others like the personality of the character.  Especially if there is no Power Ranger who wears their favourite colour in the TV series.

For example, the green Power Ranger costume has always reflected fun; the character always showed a good sense of humour and made those around him laugh.  If you like to laugh and have fun, then the green Power Ranger may well have become your favourite and might therefore be the costume you choose to dress up in.  Certainly if you wear the green costume to a party, you have a licence to be the clown for the night!

Another example of how we decide which is the best colour is little girls.  Little girls often love pink.  From the moment they are born, they often are dressed in traditional pinks, bought pink gifts and pink shoes.  It would make sense that any little girl that loved pink would love the pink Power Ranger costume best.  To little girls it most probably won’t matter what the character is about or how they behave.  It will be all about the lovely shade of pink they get to wear when they dress up. 

Children often dress up even when there is no party to go to.  So their choice of costume will most likely reflect their favourite colour or the particular game they are playing at the time.  Kids love to role play and the thought that they are acting just like their favourite Power Ranger can be a big incentive to get dressed up in a cool costume!  Especially since a Power Rangers costume generally involved a mask and some type of sword.

Ultimately, the best coloured Power Ranger costume to dress up in is the one that you feel the strongest about.  Whether that’s because the costume is your favourite colour or whether the character you like best has interesting traits that make you their favourite, the choice really is a personal one.


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